Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three Things I Never Thought I'd do at 3 in the Morning

before coming to college, 3 am was a time for sleeping. sometimes it still is...but sometimes it isn't. here is a list of things i never thought i'd do at 3 am, yet somehow i have done them.

1. laundry. i hate doing laundry in the first place, but doing it when i'd rather be sleeping? unthinkable!

2. make enchiladas. sometimes you're just hungry, and you need to make food--and it has been a long time since your last meal.

3. grocery run. some stores are open 24 hours a day, so you can actually go get your groceries (including hair gel needed before getting ready the next day) at 3 am. crazy.

what crazy things have you done at 3 am? post them as comments, and i'll do something special for you in my next post. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to School Shopping

backpack. my niece inside it. super cute!

Monday, June 25, 2012


"don't do dumb things"

great life advice, yet something i struggle with.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Funny story, I got into a prank war at work. There are some people I want to explain so that I can just use their names rather than describe them each time. Clayton is my supervisor. Amy is my co-worker, and usually we clean together. Chris is my co-worker, and we used to clean together usually, but that changed after Amy was hired. Alden is another co-worker who was hired more recently. I trained him (like I trained Amy) but he works with Chris most of the time. There are other co-workers, but these are all the people important to the story. One upon a time, we roll around large trash cans while cleaning the classrooms and usually we leave them out in the hall. On Wednesday, Chris took mine and Amy’s trash can and rolled it down the hall and hid it while we were inside a classroom. We were rather confused. But after calling him a dork the next time we saw him, we brushed it off as nothing. The next day He stole our rags that we had on our trashcan-cart and hid them. Reeeaaaal mature. This time, we decided we needed to get him back. So, we started sneaking our trash into his trash can. (Also, we had to be super sneaky because how this works is we start at one corner of the building and go off different directions.) At some point, we decided that they weren't noticing that we were adding to their trash, so we went and got the bathroom trash and put them in their can. It filled them up. So, we’re going along minding our own business, and all the sudden we get a little paranoid. We decided that we better start taking the trash can into our room with us. So we do. Good thing too, because Clayton later told us that Chris was looking for our trash can, and when he saw Clayton he said, “They must be taking their trash can in the rooms with them.” Back to the moment. We are nearing the end, and we see them poke their head in the door, telling us they’re done. They also said, “You don’t play fair. You’re puppy guarding your trash can. That’s LAME.” Then they leave. About thirty seconds later, we hear a little bang against the door. Amy looks up and says, “I’ll bet that they just blocked the door or something dumb like that.” She was right. They had pushed desks in front of our door, so we had to move them to get out. We made them put them back—we weren't going to clean up after a prank on us. In the meantime, we had moved on past cleaning classrooms and Amy and I were doing entry glass while Chris was vacuuming by the back stairs and Alden was sweeping the outside stairs. That’s when we told them that we hadn't cleaned up. While Chris was gone, we hid his vacuum. But, the real plotting began. The plotting for the next day. Amy and I came up with a brilliant plan. (We’re the kind of pranksters who are clever and psychological…thus the slow filling of the trashcan.) We asked Clayton to please make sure to assign Amy and me to the south hall and assign Chris and Alden to the north hall so that we could prank them. He was super serious in his ‘yes,’ and didn't ask any questions. Amy and I took a minute then and went to steal a cardboard box from the cardboard trash compacter. That evening we met up and created our prank. The next morning, we checked in with Clayton a little early to make sure that he was still on board. We pretended like we were starting our job, but really, we sneaked around to some classrooms that they would get to later and set up. We drew on the boards a progressive comic strip. Here are the pictures of what it looked like.

In the last room, that is a cardboard cutout of a stick figure lion. The words on the board say, “You know what this means? (This being you in the same room as the cardboard lion.) This means you’re in the belly of the beast now. This is WAR!” Also, when they came out of the room (it was the last room they cleaned before running into us, so we saw them) they were smiling at our witty and clever joke. But we had to explain to them that yes, the man ate the lion, but he is the real beast. And now they’re in his stomach too, just like the lion. And then we named the lion Roger. I don’t know where Roger is, but they were saying something about us finding him on Monday (which is the next day we go in to work). I’m excited, but I’m afraid they won’t be clever, they’ll just hide him somewhere. But I think that Roger is going to become a big part of life at work. It’s an exciting job.

Oh, ps, when Amy and I were cleaning entry glass, Clayton came and found us and asked us what we had done to them. He told us about all sorts of pranks he pulled on his co-workers when he worked construction. That’s when he told us about Chris’s trash can moment. And that’s the end of that story…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Link

okay, today's the day that you get the link to my new blog! here it is:


post number one is today, and i'll try to post something everyday, but we'll see how well that works out. have fun, and hopefully i'll see you over there :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random Tangents

what does it mean when you have recurring dreams about your older brother coming back to the country without telling you and then jumping out of the front coat closet at you? sometimes i really miss that guy. he's growing up without me.

i never wanted to admit it, but i've come to the realization that life will always be busy. there will not be a time of full-time fun like there was when i was a kid.

my dinner is now often accompanied by the news....it makes me feel like i'm informed.

dear BBC chronicles of narnia, you are ridiculous, but i still love you.

why are backpacks designed to cause tacos on hot days? that seems like bad planning to me.

someday when i'm rich i will own a good washer, a toaster oven, a bosch mixer, an amazing camera, a good freezer and fridge, an absolutely beautiful ukulele, a good guitar, a nice vacuum, and a comfortable bed.

i love my mountains. i wish to always be near mountains.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remote Programming

once upon a time, we have a dvd player without a remote, and also it doesn't have many buttons on the front. we wanted to watch the fourth or fifth selection on a dvd in a series, but there is not a fast forward button. we decided to try to program the remote we had to control the dvd player--it is a universal remote after all. we followed the directions the first time, but alas, we missed the last step, and it wasn't working after we thought we had programmed it. so, we decided to try one more time, and success! it was a big deal. a really big deal. a ridiculously big deal. there was much celebrating.